Our New Headoffice

Member News

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a new factory which will become Varlowe's future home.

The new offices and workshops are more than double the size of our current factory and will house our brand-new CNC machining department.

Before we move in, we are giving it a complete overhaul. The ground floor workshop is going to be split in half. This allows our Steel Fabrication department and our Cnc department to have their own designated work areas.

Each area will also have its own storerooms. The Steel Fabrication side is utilising a mezzanine floor storage space to maximise the workshop area. This will be setup where the overhead crane ends.

Currently the building has 2 large offices on the first floor separated by a central stairway from the reception area on the ground floor. We are moving the staircase and knocking through to create one large open workspace. The new staircase will become the centre piece of the reception area due to the unique design (watch this space!)

A separate kitchen area and a meeting room are being created by extending the first-floor area over a portion of the workshop.

It’s a massive job to change the current floorplan to create Varlowe’s next home, but work has already begun.

We will keep you posted on updates over the coming months.